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Page 16 Configuration Console Tool If you want to create traces of the protocol libraries..❿

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Page 16 Configuration Console Tool Activity The bus parameters and the version information of the module are queried and displayed here. Possible causes for this are as follows: – The variable name entered does not have the correct syntax.


Simatic net pc download.


PC configuration is complete. The OPC Server is started. Follow the steps outlined below to create a group and add items to it: Activity After the OPC Server starts, a dialog opens in which you can create a group.

Page 92 7 Example — OPC Application for Industrial Ethernet Activity Select the following OPC items from the appropriate branches in the middle window and transfer these variables to the right-hand pane by clicking on the arrow button. Activity Open the catalog in the right pane of the application window.

The structure displayed and the variable names depend on the names specified in the STEP 7 program. Arrays are shown in braces, the elements are separated by a vertical bar.

These changes are not automatically updated in the project engineering. Here, a synchronization is necessary otherwise the configured connections will not be established and communication will not be possible.

With this point, the set information is entered automatically in your project. To insert a connection, you must select the application. Page 9 Example — Unspecified Connection from a PC Application Activity You can select the partner, however, only if it already exists in the project. In this example, you configure an unspecified connection.

In the case of an S7 connection, no project engineering data whatsoever is required on the partner. Enter the address of the partner in the field indicated. The main menu appears again. You might be informed of errors by the consistency check. You can only download the project when it is free of errors. If you receive a warning, this is only for your information. You can close the window and download to the PC station. Loading deletes the existing data on the relevant component and overwrites it with the new information.

The project engineering data is loaded locally in the Station Manager on your PC. By double-clicking on the selected access point, a window opens in which you can assign the module. The setting is entered in the tools. When you now start your application, it functions without changes in the source code.

Change the cycle time if necessary. Enter the IP address of the device. Select a device profile. Result: All the communication data configured with S7 is now on the PC station. Page You can now access the objects of the programmable controller with any OPC client.

The next section describes how to read and write variables with this program. The right part of the main window includes the following additional information for the items of the selected group: The current value of the item. The dialog box for synchronous and asynchronous writing appears. You can also select a node and drag it to the right-hand area.

If the installation program does not start the CD automatically, start the Setup. The last dialog box of the Commissioning Wizard appears. You require the Station Configuration Editor for the initial configuration as an alternative to remote configuration and for project engineering and maintenance of a PC station. Page 12 Station Configuration Editor Tool Displaying the mode Configuration list Note You will find more information on the meaning of the display boxes and the buttons in the integrated help system.

The modules are detected automatically. Whether a warning is indicated depends on the set warning level. Here, you can configure the warning activation yellow! You use projects to manage your configurations consisting of all or part of the stations of your plant.

Objects are arranged in a hierarchical structure within a project. Depending on your initial situation, this wizard provides you with more extensive support for your PC station. Notice Please note the following if you are transferring data by downloading: Make sure you arrange the components exactly the same as in the configuration list of the Station Configuration Editor see Section Drag the DP slave from the catalog onto the icon of the DP master system.

General Rules Regardless of the application type, the general rules for connection configuration apply You can then edit and process every station type completely and with full functionality. This creates a link between the DP slave now connected to the master system and the PC station previously created in the engineering.

In the next section, the submodules of the DP slave will be configured with the inputs and outputs. Save and compile the configuration. In this case, the configuration data are transferred directly over an internal PC connection. If this is not the case, it is not possible to adopt the configuration on the PC station!

Set the station name, if necessary, in the Station Configuration Editor. The Station Configuration Editor will provide you with an overview of the indexes allocated to the PC station. It allows the automatic adoption of configuration on the local PC station.

This helps you to make sure that your configuration data is consistent. A symbol file is structured hierarchically and has a structure similar to a file system. The use of symbolic names is not mandatory. Here only symbols are used.

You can either do without self-defined symbols or add symbols at a later point in time. The following menu commands are available. Table Menu Command Meaning Select this menu command to create a new symbol file. Here, you will find the essential functions of the tool. In the following sections, you will find a detailed description based on sequences of steps.

Table Menu Command Meaning The program always creates new symbols below the selected folder. Add a symbolic name here. Repeat steps 3 and 4 when necessary for other variables.

A dialog appears in which you can save a file. Select a folder and enter a file name. Page 16 Configuration Console Tool For more detailed information, refer to Section Select the relevant module. The OPC server maintains reference counters to be able to recognize when the last registered client is closed.

The OPC Server then closes itself down. During the commissioning of a system, it is sometimes useful to commission the protocols individually one after the other. If you want to use a symbol file for the OPC Server Page 16 Configuration Console Tool If you want to create traces of the protocol libraries..

The table lists the traces for the protocol libraries. The corresponding Properties dialog box opens. This is only possible if the language is included in the list. As soon as the PC station is operational, user applications and user services are started. The operating system then displays the file selection dialog.

Here, you can select the application. After exiting the file selection dialog, the path of the application can be seen in the list. You can enter any call parameters for the specific application in the text box below. Page 16 Configuration Console Tool Note for software developers: Applications can be synchronized with the startup and shutdown using global events.

Applications that require a started-up PC station and functioning OPC communication the previously had to wait for an undefined time can wait for the event and therefore be synchronized with the startup of the PC station. You should also remember that this disable also affects other applications that use this access method.

Page Configuration Examples Follow the steps below to display the configuration examples In the middle section of the window you will see the configuration examples listed.

The texts with a blue underscore are HTML links to the corresponding examples. Page 16 Configuration Console Tool Activity Select the mode you want to use for the module: Configured mode The parameters for the module are set in the project engineering data.

If you want to modify the network parameters: Activate the required option button for each parameter. This means that the station addresses of these modules must be set with the standard mechanisms of Windows. If you want to set the Industrial Ethernet station addresses of the CP Configured mode The parameters are set in the project engineering and cannot be changed. PG Operation The parameters can be changed. Page 16 Configuration Console Tool If you want to assign an access point of an interface parameter assignment to a module..

Double-click on the access point you want to edit in the right-hand window. Set the interface parameter assignment to be assigned to the access point. Page 16 Configuration Console Tool Activity The bus parameters and the version information of the module are queried and displayed here.

By querying the module, the internal communication path is tested. The result of the operation is displayed. If the module is currently communicating and the module supports the function, the list of bus parameters is created from local information of the module.

Page 16 Configuration Console Tool Activity After the call, the bus nodes are queried and displayed. Four different symbols are used to indicate the operating mode of a station: Empty box with gray background the same background color as tabs : No partner device found Empty box with bright background: Passive station for example DP slave Check mark on bright background: Active station for example DP master Page Displaying Profibus Network Parameters 16 Configuration Console Tool After the call, the address parameters set for the module are displayed.

After the call, version information about the communication module is displayed. A dialog for creating a group opens. Open the Item menu and select the Add Item s command.

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Simatic net pc download

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