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However, take a look back a decade and you’ll see where this entire craze started: Ninja Gaiden. Run back and forth along the deck of the barge to dodge die fireballs that come out of the smokestack. The action is fast, fluid, fun, and it never feels like just a big hack-n-slash fest. You don’t want to keep your feet firmly on the ground-if you do, they’ll be blown up by the General’s grenades. The popular arcade game is now it is been converted to the Game Gear. Since it doesn’t take much to plow through your enemies, you don’t get much. Sega is bringing us Ninja Gaiden Game Gear. Since you can take five or more hits of the fireballs, concentrate more on the heart of the dragon rather than trying to avoid the raining flames. One of the best Lynx games produced. Beware, though: Due to its extreme size, it makes for a very unwieldy weapon.❿


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How they got it all into a little Atari Lynx card is beyond me!! Flip onto bars and swing your mighty katanna blade across the deadly foes who seem to attack from every direction! Although, in our opinion, little attention nibja been paid to the plot, and we will talk ninja gaiden pc game free download the consequences associated with this. The Ninja Gaiden never looked better. And its not all about the graphics.❿

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High On Life Free Download v Evil West Free Download Read more. Bendy and the Dark Revival Free Download v1. Gotham Knights Free Download Read more. Deadly Orbit: By itself, the Flying Swallow is one of the most powerful and useful moves in the game. Flying through the air like a self-propelled missile, Ryu can bring a world of hurt on anyone he smites.

However, the one thing better than a single Flying Sparrow is multiples thereof–the more the merrier. To that end, the Deadly Orbit merely requires that the moment you complete one Flying Sparrow, you immediately begin another. This is a key technique for dealing with many of the bosses in the game, so learn it well. Note: You’ll need to upgrade the Dragon Sword to level 2 before enjoying the benefits this mode of attack conveys. Dabilharo: This massive sword, with its pound heft, makes the War Hammer seem like a child’s toy.

In addition to shattering walls and barriers just as well as the Hammer, it’s also a much more powerful weapon. Note: You’ll need to collect 20 golden scarabs to get your hands on this one.

Kitetsu: This is Doku’s cursed sword, which you’ll claim from his fallen corporeal form after bringing him down with your “natural” weapons.

Equipping this weapon, however, comes with a terrible price: Ryu’s life will be slowly drained for as long as he carries this enchanted blade. To nullify the curse, you’ll need something more Note: You must defeat Doku at the end of Chapter 11 to get his sword. Unlabored Flawlessness: Perhaps you’ve noticed the wooden sword available at the ship. You’ll also note that it has far more levels than any other weapon in the game–Unlabored Flawlessness is why.

This massive, oarlike weapon is deadly in the extreme. Though it lacks a blade’s keen edge, the sheer bludgeoning power of this weapon is more than a match for any foe in the game. Beware, though: Due to its extreme size, it makes for a very unwieldy weapon.

Note: You must upgrade the wooden sword to its maximum level to get this weapon. Windmill Throwing Star plus, X marks the spot : Ninja Gaiden’s massive, boomerang-like throwing star can be used as many times as you want like the standard shuriken. The difference is that it’s much larger and can be used to mow down even powerful foes who would laugh off the stinging barbs your base shuriken delivers. Note: You must go down the street from Han’s bar into a narrow alleyway.

Use the narrow blue-striped area to venture into the back corner where this weapon awaits. Lightsaber-toothed Ninja: Once you’ve beaten the game on normal difficulty, hold the left trigger while beginning another game; you’ll gain access to an entirely new costume and sword with which to face the enemy again. Though the Plasma Sword doesn’t seem to be any more powerful than the Dragon Sword, it does make a nice whooshing sound when swung. Ryu Hayabusa is a man on a mission.

The Vigor Empire has wiped out his ninja clan and stolen its magic sword, the Ryuken. Now, Ryu must fight his way to the Holy Emperor’s stronghold and take back what is rightfully his by using all of his ninja skills. As Team Ninja’s first nonfighting game in years not counting the Dead or Alive Volleyball offshoot , Ninja Gaiden offers fast-paced action think Devil May Cry meets Shinobi , amazing visuals, and an Xbox Live online component that Tecmo promises is unlike anything offered by others in the action genre.

How it’ll work is still a mystery, but we hear it may have something to do with the rating you’re given after completing each level. Imagine my surprise when during an interview with Team Ninja front man Tomonobu Itagaki, he hands me the controller and says, “Play.

Luckily, the controls were so intuitive, I quickly felt comfortable. Jumping, attacking, the button used to swing the camera around–everything was where it should be, and Gaiden felt supersmooth and responsive. By tapping the Attack button, you can rack up combos, or you can hold it down for a second and release it for a more devastating blow.

Although the demo featured only a sword and nunchakus, Tecmo promises an extensive arsenal of ninja weapons in the final game. Plus, you also have a limited number of spirit attacks that can spontaneously combust all nearby foes–useful when a group of enemies has you surrounded. Oh yeah. But there’s more. Part of the demo lets you scale a room by running counterclockwise around its walls. Admittedly, I did have some trouble before being clued in that I had to jump at every wall’s edge to get to the next one.

But by the next room, I’d learned my lesson and was able to cross a broken bridge by jumping and running across a nearby wall. Without question, Ninja Gaiden is one of the most visually stunning action games yet. Amazing environments, great water effects–I was in awe of every room in this short demo.

The only question I have now is, can this frantic pace and attention to detail be kept up throughout the final game? Ninja Gaiden from the NES world enhanced by the expanded graphics capabilities of the Atari Lynx-sounds like an awesome twosome! What you get, however, is a double dose of delight and disappointment. Ninja Gaiden is a gorgeous game! Taking full advantage of the Lynx’s color capabilities, each scene is a visual feast for the eyes.

The details in the backgrounds and the fluidity of the hero’s movements place this version high and above the 8-bit graphics and animation of its NES predecessors, it’s even worth pausing the game to examine the myriad detailed wall posters and signs that decorate the background. In this five-level karate-fest, you’re an unnamed ninja on a quest to defeat the Powers of Darkness that have taken over Silent City.

Your enemies aren’t exactly wimps, but they don’t fight very smart. You only face one type of basic assailant, a bulky goon wearing a ski mask and a red T-shirt; however, the stage bosses are familiar faces from NES Ninja Gaiden.

The goons just march towards you and try to punch you out; the bosses are bigger but they stage a similarly uninspired attack. None of your foes is really your match. Since it doesn’t take much to plow through your enemies, you don’t get much. Other than a rare sword that pops up for a few moments, your fighting skills are limited to Punch, Kick, and Jump. Although punching and kicking is a good way to release pent-up frustrations, they become extremely repetitive when wave after wave of the exact same enemy attacks you in exactly the same way.

To spice up the action there’s a level time limit and you can throw bad guys into the scenery to reveal hidden power-ups, time extensions, and one-ups. Although Ninja Gaiden is a visual delight, it isn’t a very challenging game. Add unlimited continues from the beginning of the level you’re on to a sparse variety of villains, simple fighting, the enemies’ repetitive attack technique, and only five levels, and a seasoned video ninja can polish off the game within half an hour! Unfortunately, just seeing “Ninja Gaiden” on the box sets up pnecon-cieved expectations for an exciting, challenging game that doesn’t materialize.

However, if awesome computer graphics and nonstop, keep-you-busy ninja action are enough to get you jazzed, this game’s you. Ninjas are awesome, and for anyone who grew up in a world with Nintendo, then you’d be hard pressed not to agree. Ninjas have been an icon in the industry, creating the backdrop for some of the best titles out there, from Ninja Turtles all the way to Shinobi and Tenchu. However, take a look back a decade and you’ll see where this entire craze started: Ninja Gaiden.

Ninja Gaiden for the NES largely defined what side-scrolling action games of that era were all about: fast-paced, unforgiving action that tested your reflexes to its very limits. Now, more than a decade later after the first installment, Ninja Gaiden is finally getting its due in 3D and I’ll tell you up front that it’s fantastic.

Now that that’s out of the way, heres the real question: does Ninja Gaiden , like its NES predecessor, define what action games of this generation are all about? Read on to find out. Ninja Gaiden must’ve taken notes from old school side-scrolling action games of the NES era, because the action harkens back to the days of fast-paced, relentless action that relied on both impeccable reflexes and precise pattern recognition for success.

Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox takes all that and re-invents it in the wonderful world of 3D. Perhaps Ninja Gaiden’s greatest strength is that it feels right. Ryu Hayabusa controls elegantly, and after some time with the game, you’ll be a regular ginsu knife, slicing and dicing the baddies like there’s no tomorrow.

The action is fast, fluid, fun, and it never feels like just a big hack-n-slash fest. There are multiple strategies you’ll need to enforce to be successful – namely using the environment to your advantage to pull off Ryu’s many moves – but even then, Ninja Gaiden can be a tough cookie to crack. However, there’s one aspect of Ninja Gaiden that drags that entire game down: the camera.

Most of the time it works well, but at other times, it all goes terribly wrong. Platforming, in particular, is hampered by the limited field of view the camera will often offer. If there’s one thing that matches the fluid gameplay of Ninja Gaiden , it’s the beautiful graphics.

Simply put, Ninja Gaiden looks stunning. It’s hard to single out one element of the visuals for praise just because it all looks fantastic. Fluid animation, detailed textures, rock steady framerates, beautiful environments, stunning cut scenes — you name it and Ninja Gaiden has it. In the end, Ninja Gaiden embodies what action games of this generation are all about or should at least strive to be: 3D action with old-school roots, but still accessible, fun, and somewhat forgiving at the same time.

I could end this review with an eloquent sentence that sums up just how great Ninja Gaiden is, but I mean really, who says it better than realultimatepower. You are Ryu Hyabusa, last descendant of an honorable ninja clan.

Armed only with the Dragon Sword, an heirloom passed on through the generations, you must hunt down a terribly ruthless criminal. Direct Download Link. File Password: www. Your email address will not be published. This installation is not complete. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Free Download. You will be redirected to a download page for Ninja Gaiden Sigma. If using a torrent download, you will first need to download uTorrent.

In a small Japanese village, there has long been a ninja clan that guards two sacred artifacts: Dragon Sword and Dark Dragon Blade. Both are family heirlooms, and the second, moreover, concentrates dark demonic forces in itself. The protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa, is a direct descendant of the famous Dragon Lineage clan.

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