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Superfrog pc free download

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Play this game online. You can play Superfrog on this website so you don’t need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to use Google. Superfrog hd Download PC Game. Superfrog HD Poster. Release: Developer: Team OS: 7, 8, Download free GOG PC games. We have every game from the replace.me catalog available to download for free! Free GOG PC game downloads by direct link. Here is the video game “Superfrog”! Download 2 MB One of the best platformers Amiga, the PC version of Team 17’s classic Superfrog is a faithful. Team17’s Amiga smash hit Super Frog is now available free for your Windows PC. Download and enjoy!❿

Superfrog pc free download


Our weapon is only used to destroy the wasps, while for the other opponents it is necessary to jump on the head! But be careful, not all enemies can be eliminated, there are some that must only be avoided. Around you can find bonuses that accelerate the movement of the character, others instead that slow it down. In the game, you will find that speed doesn’t always pay off. Especially in the sub-levels of the “castle”, there are sloping sections greased with oil, which lead straight to traps!

So the speed is not convenient, better to choose the control, perhaps more slowly. The same thing can happen in the sub-levels of the “north pole” when you encounter slippery ice. In the sub-levels of “ancient egypt”, on the other hand, although they are very insidious, they provide many points, it is up to you to find them.

The game also includes a scenario in the future be very careful and one at the There is also a stage where the game also includes a side scrolling subgame, such as “Project X”. If all goes well, you will reach the final battle with the witch Good luck Have fun! Review by: Maurizio Petta Published: 24 July am. See All Downloads. Superfrog doesn’t have a weapon? Yes, he does.

All around peace and harmony. However, not everyone was happy. Not far from the land of happiness, there was a wicked old witch. She did not like her happiness. So what did she do? You know? Sure – as it usually happens in fairy tales – someone has to turn into a frog. But why would she be a princess again? This time – the prince will be a frog – a great frog, who must save his princess. And you are the frog. You have to cross the six worlds, full of danger, to save your beloved. Superfrog is a prince who has been turned to a frog.

A witch has cursed him some years ago. Now, He is trying to find a way to turn into a human again. But he needs your help in the challenging adventures. The witch has been traveled to an unknown land. If you want to find this character, You need to explore hundreds of levels.

As one can expect from Team 17, the graphics in the game are excellent, with various animation effects bordering on the cutesy side. With huge levels including even secret ones you’ll enjoy finding , great controls and playability, and an overall very polished design, Superfrog is simply a must-have for all fans of platform games. Highly recommended! Nata 0 point. ZZ wrote “Hmm, not the superfrog i remember. Was the Amiga version different?

Download the amiga version. It has all the great gameplay and graphics. Admin: Can you upload some of the real gameplay graphics? The are so well done and way better than the level opening screens. Of of the best games on Amiga in the 90ies! Your Nickname 0 point DOS version. Please stop asking about the code for the DOS version. Just use the included “crack. ZZ 0 point DOS version. Eva 3 points DOS version. How do you run it?


Superfrog pc free download

For PCs, set the appropriate DOSBox speed (number of cycles) – SHIFT + CTRL + F11 / F12 combination. Download SUPER FROG. Amiga ( MB) PC ( MB). Superfrog hd Download PC Game. Superfrog HD Poster. Release: Developer: Team OS: 7, 8, Superfrog HD is an Action and Platformer game for PC published by Team17 Digital Ltd in The classic title from past twenty years!❿

Superfrog pc free download


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